Our Wealth Management Services

At Third Millennium Advisors, we help each client achieve his or her own personal financial goals.  While we use methodologies and investment strategies that have shown the test of time, our wealth management recommendations are designed to address each client’s specific short-term and long-term goals. 

Many of our new clients come to us in response to a life-changing event, such as pending retirement, death of a parent or spouse, or urgent need to finance a child’s college education.  We help our clients through these times of transition, offering guidance on what financial and legal actions need to be taken and how to move forward to attain and maintain financial success. 

Whatever your financial situation, we help you see the “big picture” and to understand the tradeoffs that will shape your financial future.  We help you manage your own transition from one phase in your financial life to another, understand how tax implications can affect your planning and investment choices, and learn the most appropriate steps today to ensure a more comfortable and worry-free tomorrow.

Our wealth management services include two key areas of planning: